What We Do

Provide immediate aid to communities in impoverished areas the world over to help them to sustain the minimum of standards of living in their countries. Aid includes providing shelter, food, clothing, and education.

Improve the skills of indigenous peoples in areas of need to help them to become self-reliant and eventually self-sufficient in the fields of food growing and harvesting and the running and managing of small industries and businesses.

Pay special attention to child care with the objective of improving health conditions, literacy rate, and normal growth. We aspire to establish a program for orphaned children through direct and indirect sponsorships.



  • Emergencies
  • Orphan Sponsorship
  • Clean Water
  • Medical Aid
  • Zakat-ul-Mal
  • Udhia Program
  • Iftar Sa'em (Ramadan)
  • Zakat-ul-Fitr



Children orphaned due to the death of one or both parents are traumatized twice and need special attention and care. Children may also be orphaned due to natural disasters such as floods and famine affecting poor countries. Children from such regions are in need of no less care and attention. We endeavor to sustain and strengthen our Orphan Program because it is most worthwhile for both the donor and recipient. Through this program, some resemblance of normal life is sustained and hope is given to toddlers who have been victimized due to no fault of their own. We have included a donor form that you can download here.


Clean water is commonly taken for granted in the developed nations of the world. However, this is not the case in poor, generally underdeveloped countries of the southern hemisphere. In such parts of the world, water may be undrinkable due to the introduction of natural pollutants such as sewage  or because of harmful chemical bi-products being discharged to and seeping through river beds, soil, and fractures that eventually reach the water table at depth and adversely change its properties.

One fifth of the world’s population lacks access to safe drinking water. A simple but effective solution is the construction of hand water pumps and shallow/deep wells. By sponsoring a water well project you can provide potable water for nearly 25 families and receive multiple reward  as this is a continuous charity (Sadaqa jariha). You may construct a water well in your name or in the name of your loved ones.

Cost of constructing a water well in Bangladesh: $300



Allah says: “Take from their wealth a sadaqah in order to purify and sanctify them with it ...” [9:103] Zakat ul-Mal is the third pillar. Zakat amount is 2.5% of the total monetary value of your assets, and is due after a full year of reaching nisaab (current price of 3 oz. of gold).



Our recipients include:

  • Needy families and individuals
  • Orphans and Widows
  • The sick and handicapped
  • Impoverished regions