Past Campaigns

Medical Supplies and Equipment

In 2011 HOPE International successfully shipped six containers of critically needed medical supplies and
equipment to hospitals and clinics in Libyan camps set across the border in Tunisia.

In response to the dire situation in Libya after the 17th of February revolution
HOPE International launched the "Containers of Hope" campaign.
By Monday, July 18, 2011, the SECOND container was already on it's way. The 40-foot container
left carrying over 10,000 Ibs of critically needed medical supplies and equipment such as
syringes, pediatric scales, hospital mattresses, sterile gloves, centrifuges, stretchers,
incubators, nebulizers, an electrosurgical unit, a ventilator, and an oxygen concentrator.

The contents of the 13,000+ donated supplies were hand-selected by a group of Libyan doctors
who have been in contact with target hospitals and compiled lists of needed medical supplies.

  Each container was valued at between $150,000 to $200,000 (donated supplies).
  However, each container cost only $29,000 (including shipping).



Over the years, HOPE International has successfully:

  • Provided emergency financial aid to more than 1000 families including no less than 3,500 individuals. aid comprised food, medicine, and accommodation relief
  • Distributed eid gifts and clothing to disadvantaged children or poor or widowed families
  • Distributed zakah, ramadhan iftar, and eid udhiya to more than 2000 families
  • Provided emergency medical assistance to cover hospitalization costs and medical equipment to 7 persons